What is Chibadojo

A community of entrepreneurs with a strong bond, aimed at their unpararelled growth and mutual cooperation in complete secrecy.

A semiannual event "Chiba-Dojo Camp", it is a mighty platform where entrepreneurs can gain the kind of help they genuinely need.

千葉道場全体会 千葉道場 ドローン部
  • CxO Camp

  • Monthly Seminar

  • Facebook Community

  • Regular Mentor Consultation

  • Manager Training and
    Community Building

  • Technical Topics (Employees Welcome)

  • Casual Assistance

  • Mentoring by Mr Chiba

Chiba-Dojo Camp

  • The Chiba-Dojo community is managed in keeping strict confidentiality.

  • Every member has the giver spirit, ensuring that all members share their know-how with others.

  • All members participate in in-depth discussion which is a fruitful opportunity to gain insight necessary for entrepreneurs.

  • Executives of more than 40 start-ups join this biannual camp. The number of start-ups is increasing every time.